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Hours of Operation and Service Rates


Service Rates may vary depending upon the level of care required.


Level I Care:

Clients are generally independent but require minimal or stand by assistance from the care team with toileting, personal care, mobility, ambulation or transfer.  Clients are able to eat independently without team member intervention.  They are able to participate and benefit from a wide range of activities as well as make decisions concerning their particular likes and dislikes.  Clients may require monitoring.  They also may require a medication reminder from the care team.  Clients may experience some memory loss, but any resulting behavior can be handled with redirection and reassurance.  Care team would not have to anticipate the Client’s needs, but rather the client would be able to communicate their wants or preferences.


Level II Care:

Clients require assistance in multiple areas, including, but not limited to, assistance with toileting, personal care, ambulation, and transferring.  Clients may need additional assistance with eating or need to be feed.  Clients may require 1:1 involvement with the care team due to confusion and/or behavior issues.  Specialized activities may have to be created or adapted to encompass a program to meet their needs.  They may have difficulty communicating or making judgment calls.  Care team may have to anticipate the needs of the client.  These clients may be a wander risk and require increased care team supervision or intervention.  





Hourly Rate

- $10 (Lunch will be included)

Daily Rate

- $60 (Includes one Meal and 2 snacks) (5 to 8 hours)

Weekly Rate

- $300 (full time participants all inclusive)

Monthly rate

- $1200 (full time participants all inclusive)

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Hours of Operation




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